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Our Exceptional Team: The People Behind JGittech LLC

About JGittech LLC

At JGittech LLC, we're not just about computers – we're about empowering you with technology. Founded in 2018, our mission has been crystal clear: to cater to all your computer needs while fostering savvy cyber security practices.

Our founder and owner, Joel Gitter, has been the driving force behind our journey. Joel's zeal for electronics and helping others got things rolling. With a graduation from Eastern High School and certification courses under his belt, he's now charging ahead at Sullivan University, pursuing an associate degree in Cyber Security and setting his sights on a bachelor's in Computer Forensics.

At JGittech, our team lives and breathes reliable, secure computer systems. With a combined experience that's truly unmatched, we're dedicated to giving you the best service possible. Whether it's computer repair, software magic, data rescue, or cybersecurity wisdom, we've got your back.

Integrity, transparency, and respect – those are our cornerstones. We're here to build relationships with you, working together to reach your goals. Your needs are our priority, and we pride ourselves on solutions that are effective and wallet-friendly.

So, whether you're facing a tech hiccup or simply want to explore the world of computing, consider JGittech your partner on this tech journey.

Best regards,
The JGittech LLC Team

Owner & Founder

Joel Gitter

Hey there, I'm Joel Gitter.

In May 2020, I achieved the milestone of graduating from Eastern High School. During that period, I engaged in immersive certification courses, specifically in Adobe Dreamweaver and MCA HTML & CSS, delving deep into the realm of web development.

Fast-forward to the present, I have successfully secured my associate degree in Cyber Security. However, this accomplishment signifies not the culmination, but rather the commencement of my journey. My aspirations are aimed higher, towards the acquisition of a bachelor's degree in Computer Forensics. The landscape of technology is ever-evolving, and I am steadfast in my pursuit of exploration and growth.